Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Moving down the road!

Let me tell you a little story of how our weekend has gone.

n-We should go away next year and learn things. and THEN save up for a house
j-Ya! Great idea.


J-I can't believe we were woken up at 3am by our neighbours partying.. so annoying
n- ya, totally. We should move out and save up for a house of our own
j-Ya! Great idea. *looks on Kijiji* Here.. i have 3 appointments for tomorrow to look at places
n- oh...kay...


n-these places aren't what we want..
j- totally.. Dear God... please help us

j- man... I hate that the upstairs people are partying so much. I'm so tired.. didn't sleep at all
*Leads worship*

j- we have 3 appointments to look at houses today
N- okay sweet
*last house we look at is PERFECT*
J- I guess we should tell our landlords we want to move.
N-on it.

New landlord - You can have my place!
N+J- Holy crap we are moving.

How was your long weekend?

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Work it out!

This past Monday we started a *NEW workout plan! I was excited about this until we started, then I thought... maybe I can just run away... and that will be my work out.

I don't know why I put a * in front of that all caps new... but it makes it look fun and important.

And by WE, I actually mean I. I started a new workout plan! With my trainer of course. This one is much harder than my last, but I've decided to believe her (my PT) when she says that's a good thing. As being someone who has never done this much working out before, I gotta say... it feels good. I like the way I feel after a good solid work out. I like that I feel happier, like I've accomplished something, like the day will be a good one. It's a good change from another groggy wake up followed by sitting on my couch checking Facebook. This happens much to often.

Today we did not have our morning together, but I look forward to Friday to do it all again. Of course when I say "look forward to" It loosely translates to "It can stay as far away from now as it wants".. but you know... whatever. :)

All in all- I am very much enjoying putting my body to work. I am also currently debating on some major dietary changes as well! But I am still doing some research before I just jump into something! So I shall keep you posted.

I think you are all pretty lovely. Be Blessed!


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Some Very Exciting News! Possibly!

    Today I got to jump back into the Studio and do some back up vocals for 
Whispered words (<--blog) .
After getting back behind that mic it made me really miss recording! The sound of His album
(which you can hear clips of here)
is super intensely awesome. I am so pumped to get my copy! Jared Funk (the man behind the music) is an amazing artist that I know from my home Church here in Saskatoon. I have gotten to know him through my worship team on Sunday mornings and consider it such a privilege to sing on his EP. I am always honoured when someone asks me to sing somewhere or for something important, as most of us would be. But to be able to sing on an EP or CD that is going to be around for a long time... I am feeling very blessed today.

I am also feeling blessed that I work at such a place that I could do this no problem! Without hesitation I knew that I could get the afternoon off to do this mini project. Working at a Church is a huge blessing in my life... It will be weird when my time there is done. I almost feel spoiled. In fact I DO feel spoiled. God has done so many great things in my life and has given me so many opportunities. Which leads me to my next point.

I want to make a new album! POSSIBLY this fall!!! I put that in BOLD and italic for a reason. 
1- There is no way we have the money to pull that off. 
2- I do not have enough songs written for an album... not even an EP! 
3- It will also depend on whether or not Revelation Studios has a time slot for me.

SO, if you find yourself praying about things.. feel free to pray about this huge next step for me! Whether its finding A LOT of money on the street with my name on it, or God continuing to give me his words and music to actually have content on the CD! Prayers would be excellent. Again, I want to give God all he glory for what He has done in me and through me. I am so blessed to be able to be even THINKING of the possibility of making a second album.

Speaking of which, if you don't have my first album "A place to call my own", they are only $15!!
Click here to message me for your copy!

Below are just a few pictures in the Studio today. Maybe I'll be back in there sooner than I thought!
<3 Blessings to you and your families!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A beach bag I won't be afraid to use!

Tonight I decided to take an old shirt that I haven't warn in YEARS (seriously, I got this shirt in grade 10, and have only kept it around because it's from newfoundland) and turn it into a new beach bag! 

The shirt was pretty long which was nice, and the bigger the shirt you have, the bigger bag you'll get! I LOVE how it turned out, good up-cycle to this old piece of junk! 

1- I cut off both sleeves just around the seam.
2- I cut the neckline off as evenly as I could on both sides of the shirt.
3- I laid the shirt out as flat as I could, and made cuts about half an inch away from each other up the shirt about 4-5 inches.  
4- Taking the strands I had just cut, I pulled them all out to stretch them out
5- I tied the two sides of the shirt together with the strands, and then double knoted them with the strands beside to make a stronger hold. 

How easy is that? Thank you pinterest. You have good ideas. I am excited to use this bag, and maybe make more! That is all for now, just thought I would share. 


Music from the heart

      The last few days I've decided "why stay at home and watch Netflix, when I could go to work early and play a grand piano?". So, when I have successfully gotten myself out of bed, showered and ready to go... I head over to the chruch, drop everything in the office, and go sing/play for an hour +. It's becoming the best part of my day.
     There is something about just sitting down and letting it go to God. I love it. I am also finding it's easy to write in the mornings, which is a new concept for me. This morning I wrote a song which is still untitled, but it was such a blessing. I feel like God gave the words straight to me in order to proclaim His goodness in my life. And as a reminder to call upon His name at all times. He is always right there, waiting for me. Never letting go, always pursuing and always loving. He is good. There is power in the name of Jesus.
       If you would like to hear the new song, please feel free to head over to my facebook page and take a listen! I hope you find yourself in joy as you go about your day. You are loved. You are close to His heart. <3


Cover it up!

         Last night we decided to go through our million (actual number: 22, 24 including the ones on our beds) blankets and sheets and sleeping bags and things we just don't need!! As I collected blankets from EVERY room and closet in the house I realized quite quickly how much space these were taking up! We kept 4 for sentimental reasons, gave some to MCC, some went in the trash, and the rest went in a bin we have for blankets, and the top of 1 closet that STILL has room for other stuff. It feels so good to go through things and simplify our life! I am happy to say we now only have 9 blankets! Still sounds like a lot, but for now... I think we did pretty good :)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I will Rejoice!

       Just here to say Good morning/ Afternoon/ Evening wherever you are, however you found me! I am glad you are here. Welcome. You are very loved you know, yes you! You're made for great and powerful things! I challenge you to speak life over yourself and find the beautiful difference it makes in your life. Shut those voices up that pull you down and change them to words of empowerment. Words of wisdom. Words of encouragement! You can do whatever you set your mind to, you can become anyone you want to be (as long as you're still YOU) and you can go anywhere you think of! Why? Because in this life God can do great things through you, in you and with you!  I will not be held down by my imperfections, I will be discouraged by my flaws! I will rejoice that I am special and made for a purpose! I will rejoice in the freedom the LORD has given me! I WILL REJOICE! Today IS a new day. Make it count. Live life now, don't wait for later to come.